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Peace Revolution is an online platform that aims to help individuals cultivate inner peace before sharing the peace to people around the world.

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Be Good for Goodness Sake: how behaving well to others can benefit your mental health

1 month ago

Many pieces of literature, music, and art focus on kindness with the message being “be kind to others, and they will be good to you in return.” But being kind to others can also benefit you directly. In this article, we will explore the positive habits and actions that can improve your mental health and […]

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How to Develop a Positive Mindset?

1 month ago

Changing a negative attitude is a challenge. This attitude keeps people from being happy and also impacts the people you are interacting with, but being positive has a direct connection with success and happiness. Everyone needs to be positive in their mindset and make some small adjustments in daily life to achieve the change. It […]

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3 Steps to Finding Inner Peace At Home

2 months ago

The world we live in seems to be getting more hectic with each passing day. And while it’s certainly true that now is probably one of the best times to be alive, finding peace of mind and some much needed inner peace can be quite a challenge. Making your home a space where you can […]

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Learning to Live Your Best Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

3 months ago

Being highly sensitive can bring with it a number of challenges. For example, many sensitive people find it hard being around others when they are eating because of the noise they make. This can mean that they often feel isolated or sad. Being highly sensitive can also have advantages. If you are able to manage […]

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