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The Enlightening Process of Dying: how I helped my grandma go peacefully

6 hours ago

How to support those who are dying? Read about my meditation experience after taking care of my dying grandmother for 4 months.

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Reduce emotional suffering in difficult times

2 days ago

Disturbing emotions are easy to arise. Once it happens, it blocks our thinking and demotivates us. Yes, sometimes life is hard but we can make it more difficult by our way of thinking which increases that suffering. The pain, the negative way of thinking intensify those painful emotions, and they become worse and worse, and […]

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Have you ever wondered about evolution?

1 week ago

Have you ever wondered about evolution? If after reading this, you find yourself reflecting and thinking. Good. – As science says, from the beginning of existence, evolution drove the evolving of all sentient and non-sentient beings up to nowadays, where we humans, can develop a high level of consciousness about ourselves. Furthermore, due to that, […]

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Développement personnel – 8 principes de base pour une vie forte

1 week ago

La plupart des gens ne vivent que 10% de leur potentiel. À un moment donné, à 80 ans, ils se rendent compte qu’ils auraient pu faire beaucoup plus d’eux-mêmes – mais il est alors trop tard… Si VOUS ne voulez pas gâcher votre vie de façon insensée, alors vous devriez commencer dès AUJOURD’HUI à tirer […]

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